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David Bowie sang about it for the first time in 1972, but it had been happening long before that and it continues unabated...

Change, that is.  So too for the time-honored activity of transporting oneself using an equine strapped to a wheeled vehicle. And so too for the medium by which driving's enthusiasts in Florida communicate, and track what is happening, and about to happen, in Florida equine driving.

Welcome to the newest incarnation of the Florida Whips website.  We hope you will find it easy to use and that it will help you keep up with the events that we arrange.  It is also our hope that you will find the new enhancements and capabilities of the site to your liking.    

Your webmaster, Veronic Close, and yours truly have been working on this project for a bit.  Our new president, Paul van Sickle, asked us to continue the upkeep and maintenance of the website that our late Secretary, Erika Matulich, built and maintained.  It turned out that none of us had the level of proficiency required to work with the website that Erika built, so we had to start over.  What you now have is the result of that redesign and rebuild. We hope you find it useful.  

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