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10 May 2019 BOD/Membership Meeting 5:00-5:45 in the European Galley

Opening Remarks: Paul Van Sickle, President

  1. Board and Officio’s Reports
  2. Approve Slat of Officers for 2019-2021

Secretary:  Mary Anne McCreadie

Treasurer:  Anna Crothers

  • Open Positions:

SE and SW Region Directors

Education & Advertising Chairman

Newsletter Editor

  • Open Discussion:

Whips 501-C3 status:  Linda Evans

Florida Horse Park Initiative:  Betina Scherer

Metta Baxter Clinic:  Karen Wolfsheimer


Closing Remarks:  Paul Van Sickle

rectors Meeting 5:00-5:45

Opening Remarks: Paul Van Sickle, President

  1. Board and Officio’s Reports
  2. Approve Slat of Officers for 2019-2021



  • Open Positions:

SE and SW Region Directors

Education Chairman

Advertising Chairman

Newsletter Editor

  • Open Discussion:

Whips 501-C3 status:  Linda Evans

Florida Horse Park Initiative:  Betina Scherer

     Website Floor Discussion

Closing Remarks:  Paul Van Sickle

Iron Horse Updates

Greetings All:

Please note that the November 11, 2018 Horse Driving Event is now filled.  If an existing entrant decides to not participate, we will get the word out so that we can fill that spot.  

Please note also that the November 10 Olof Larsson clinic at Iron Horse is still open.  For a mere $50, you can get instruction from one of the best driving clinicians in the world: our own Olof Larsson.  Check it out here!

New Website How To

Website Overhaul: Phase One Complete

At the annual meeting last month,  we  promised an updated website with new capabilities. Well, it is now up and running.  While "NEW"often comes with a bit of a learning curve, we have done our best to make the site easy to use, and hopefully, useful!

What follows is an overview of the site and its features. The big changes are that we have added online payments for memberships and events and we have added online forms for event signups and memberships.  Further, we hope that you will find the layout and organization easy to use. 

We will review the menu and its options/features (the words in white in the green header field).

Welcome.  Also known as the landing page.  This is where you land if you type in the URL This is a marketing page that is intended to capture a visitor's attention and cause her/him to explore the site further and become a member.

It is also the jumping off place to all other pages. If jumping off, is what you want to do, then, again, select a page or topic from the menu above. 

Advertising.  We welcome businesses and individuals who wish to support the club's mission.  We will list all advertisers on this page. 

Calendar. Pretty much as the name implies... Click here and in a month-by-month view  you can see events that are coming up,  Click on an event and you will see an expanded view of the event that will include

  • Date  and time of event
  • Event specifics
  • Link to online sign up form
  • Event location
  • Event organizer name and contact info

Events. Here you have two choices:

  1. Select "Participate" if you are intent on signing up for an event online.  Simply select the event, go to the form, fill it out, submit it, and pay for the event. 
  2. Select : "Events Listing" if you want to see the season's events in list form, rather than by month.
  3. I know, we said you have two choices, and that is true, unless you're an event organizer, in which case you have the option of submitting all your event information to us by way of an online form.  

Resources.  Up to this point, all pages that we have described--except for "Submit an Event"--are accessible by anyone with a browser who happens upon this site.  Under "Resources," you will also find some pages that are only available to Florida Whips members. 

  • Contact Us.  This is a simple e-mail directory . Need to send an e-mail the newsletter editor?  You will find her e-mail address on this page. Available to all.

Share Pics.  Here members can share their driving pictures by uploading them to the website.  The pictures will then be posted to our gallery page by our picture editor. 

What's New?  This link branches to two destinations:

  1. Newsletter.  The monthly newsletter will be posted on this page, including a link to download it.  There will also be a newsletter archive for those who wish to look at past issues. 
  2. News and Notes.  This is where you are now.  Also known as a blog, here you will find updates and news that can't wait for the newsletter cycle, such as this announcement. 

Members. Membership has its privileges.  Become a member to have access to these pages.

Join.  This link takes the user to a page where he/she can join to become a member of the Florida Whips.  The page has the three membership types: Individual, Family, and Business.  By filling out the online form and paying through PayPal, a user can join. Upon successful completion of the transaction, the user will be taken to a website registration page where, she/he can create a login for website.  By creating this login, the user will be able to access pages and features available only to members. 

A Chance to Learn From the Best!

A Chance to Learn From the Best

On October 6 and 7--and in two different locations--you have the chance to learn from one of the best in the business of driving. Olof Larsson will evaluate and help improve the dressage skills of those who take skip the rest of this post and instead go straight to filling out the entry form. 

On October 6 at Paul and Glenda Van Sickle's Lucky "V" Ranch, 10 drivers will be able to avail themselves of the keen eye of Olof Larsson. 

On October 7, at Lynda Jowers' Iron Horse Farm, 10 more drivers will have the chance to drive a dressage test, get critiqued by Olof and receive tips on how to improve.  Next, these drivers will have a chance to drive the same test again to realize their improvements.

To find out more and to send in your entry for the October 6 opportunity, click here.  If  October 7 suits you better, click here instead. You can either download, print, fill out, and mail your entry, or you can do the whole process online.  Whatever suits you best. Drive on...

Education Topics Survey

What Do You Want To Learn About Horses and Driving?

At the annual meeting, the education committee promised to follow up with the membership by sending out a survey of education topics that people would be interested in.  We want to know what topics would get you off the farm and to an event to learn more about horses and driving.  

This is your chance.  Please fill out the survey below so that we can get busy with planning and producing the learning events that you and your fellow members tell us are most important and interesting to you.  

Always too, keep in mind that we always happy to have your company, input, and help in arranging these events.  Nothing happens in this club until someone says, "I can help with that."

So, get busy, fill out the survey, and drive on...


David Bowie sang about it for the first time in 1972, but it had been happening long before that and it continues unabated...

Change, that is.  So too for the time-honored activity of transporting oneself using an equine strapped to a wheeled vehicle. And so too for the medium by which driving's enthusiasts in Florida communicate, and track what is happening, and about to happen, in Florida equine driving.

Welcome to the newest incarnation of the Florida Whips website.  We hope you will find it easy to use and that it will help you keep up with the events that we arrange.  It is also our hope that you will find the new enhancements and capabilities of the site to your liking.    

Your webmaster, Veronic Close, and yours truly have been working on this project for a bit.  Our new president, Paul van Sickle, asked us to continue the upkeep and maintenance of the website that our late Secretary, Erika Matulich, built and maintained.  It turned out that none of us had the level of proficiency required to work with the website that Erika built, so we had to start over.  What you now have is the result of that redesign and rebuild. We hope you find it useful.  

Let us know how we're doing by adding a comment below.