Organize an Event

If you are interested in organizing and conducting an event, great!  The guidelines are provided below to help you with your event application submission.  The forms you will need for your event are listed HERE and can be downloaded.

Guidelines for Organizing Florida Whips Events

  • Event organizers must be current Florida Whips members in good standing
  • Events must fit the educational and safety mission of the Florida Whips
  • Events must be approved at the regional level first (most at the summer annual planning meetings, otherwise via email vote to region members if after the planning meeting)
  • Events for the year should be planned to run from October 1 - September 30 of the following year
  • Once approved, an Event Application form must be filled out electronically and emailed to the Secretary ( and Vice President ( before August 1 of each year.
  • Event Application forms are reviewed by the board at the mid-August meeting.
  • Any board requests for additional information (e.g. property addresses, budget, event description) must be received within one week or prior to August 25. Incomplete event forms cannot be processed by the insurance company and cannot be approved
  • Approved events are placed on the Whips calendar and consolidated and sent for statewide insurance policy inclusion by September 1 of each year. Insurance coverage is mandatory
  • If advance funds are needed from the State or Region to fund the event, organizers can request funds from the Treasurer ( using the State Request Form or the Regional Request Form
  • Cosponsored events with other organizations require a budget showing how costs/revenues will be split
  • Any additional events or changes to events after September 1 of each year must be approved by the region and requested by both the event organizer and the Regional Director. These additions/changes will incur insurance change costs; these costs are billed to the region.

             Guidelines for Conducting Florida Whips Events

  • Organizers should send any event information (fliers, entry forms, etc.) to both the Newsletter editor ( and the website calendar manager ( two months prior to the event
  • Organizers should verify insurance coverage with Secretary one month prior to the event
  • All event fliers/information must contain the policy statement "Alcohol consumption is not permitted during Florida Whips Events" for insurance coverage purposes
  • Event organizers will request a list of current Whips Members from their Regional Director (or Secretary or Membership Director) a week prior to the event, or look at the member list online on the Our Membership page
  • Nonmembers with equines must be charged a $15 nonmember fee:
                    *Nonmember fees can be applied to a membership
                    *Fees for nonmember auditors without equines are at                         the discretion of the organizer
                     *For co-sponsored events, a non-member fee must                             be paid (unless participant is also a Whips member)
  • All event participants, including organizers, grooms, helpers, clinicians, and volunteers, must fill in the Liability Release Form (see form above)
  • Show organizer should send an event article and photos to the Newsletter editor ( before the 15th of the month and send photos to the website photo gallery manager (
  • Show organizer sends completed Liability Release forms to Regional Director within 30 days of event completion. Regional Director holds forms for one year.