A Chance to Learn From the Best

On October 6 and 7--and in two different locations--you have the chance to learn from one of the best in the business of driving. Olof Larsson will evaluate and help improve the dressage skills of those who take skip the rest of this post and instead go straight to filling out the entry form. 

On October 6 at Paul and Glenda Van Sickle's Lucky "V" Ranch, 10 drivers will be able to avail themselves of the keen eye of Olof Larsson. 

On October 7, at Lynda Jowers' Iron Horse Farm, 10 more drivers will have the chance to drive a dressage test, get critiqued by Olof and receive tips on how to improve.  Next, these drivers will have a chance to drive the same test again to realize their improvements.

To find out more and to send in your entry for the October 6 opportunity, click here.  If  October 7 suits you better, click here instead. You can either download, print, fill out, and mail your entry, or you can do the whole process online.  Whatever suits you best. Drive on...