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2023 Year End Awards

An important message from Denice Klinger...


It’s that time of year again! I’m calculating points for year end awards and need everyone who competed to verify my initial tabulation. This round is for CDEs only. CTs are a work in progress (which, by the way, if anyone still has the results for the CT at WEC way back in October, if you would send it my way, I would be very grateful). As always, the awards presentation will follow the annual meeting at Grand Oaks on Saturday May 13th (held during the Southern Drive).


Here are the rules of the road:


  1. If you don’t compete or didn’t between Dec ‘22 and March ’23 in FL CDEs, feel free to ignore this.

  2. If you were a volunteer, you can still ignore this, but before you go just a big shout out to all you volunteers. If we haven’t said it enough, we will say it again WE REALLY, REALLY, REALLY APPRECIATE YOU!!!!

  3. If you got this far, you probably competed. This is strictly the Year end award qualifying CDEs, which are:

    1. Grand Oaks Short Format CDE

    2. Nature Coast CDE

    3. Grand Oaks CDE

    4. Spring Fling CDE

    5. Live Oak International CDE

    6. Black Prong CDE

  4. If you FINISHED 2 or more of these events in the same division (i.e., preliminary single horse), then your name should be on the list attached to the email sent on April 11, 2023. If you completed one and retired/eliminated in another and that was the only two times you competed, you will not be listed. The ONLY exception to this is the training division (both pony and horse), where only ONE event was required to qualify.  PLEASE VERIFY THAT YOU ARE ON THE LIST IF YOU BELIEVE YOU QUALIFY AND THAT THE SHOWS MARKED ARE CORRECT. Hopefully it’s all good, but here’s how to handle it:

    1. I’m on the list and everything looks good – awesome, your work is done!

    2. I’m on the list but the shows attended are not correct – just drop me an email and tell me the name you showed under (sometimes it is different from the whips member name), shows and divisions you competed in.

    3. I’M NOT ON THE LIST – send an email to me AND Gail Thomas ( with the name you showed under (sometimes it is different from the whips member name), shows/divisions you competed in. Gail will validate membership and I will double check my data entry (usually the culprit: mistakes will be made!)



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