Volunteer Today!


Linda Evans

Florida Whips Volunteer of the Year 2020!!!

She is a Rock Star of a volunteer  She earned this award and more through her shining example of putting service before self! Thank you Linda Evans for your YEARS of service

Carriage Driving is a hobby, sport and passion and our members are dedicated to preserving a part of our American heritage, are dedicated to our equine partners, and most importantly, we are dedicated to helping each other succeed in our driving goals, whatever they may be.


Whether you are standing on the back-step of a carriage to help a fellow driving at an event or driving down a road, whether you are an officer or board member of our club, whether you volunteer to help at an event or show, or whether you are a mentor, there are so many ways in which to get involved and play an important role in our driving community.


All events need helpers—in the office, as a secretary, for advertising, for judging, for set up and take down, for lunches, for help in the barn…the list is endless and we want YOU!!!


Please, always feel free to call any event organizer or any board member to find out how you can chip in.  Come to our Whips meetings and raise a hand.  We are only as strong as our members, and our Club is strong when you choose to volunteer.