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Bittina Scherer
Bettina Scherer 2011

Paul Reese 2011
Paul Reese 2011

Dona Love and Marna Egyed
Dona Love & Marna Egyed

Sali Auchenbach
Sali Auchenbach 2011

Who we are and What we do

The Florida Whips is a statewide equine driving organization offering clinics, pleasure drives, competitions, picnics and opportunities to develop and enjoy your driving skills. A newsletter is published 10 months a year.

There are no membership requirements other than complying with the safety rules and signing a release. Dues are $35 a year. Membership forms may be printed from the link to the left, or obtained from Kathie Beeson

2014 Calendar

Note: Non-members may ride or drive but will be charged a $15 fee in addition to other fees, if there are any. This may be applied to the membership fee. Non-member passengers, grooms, navigators, volunteers, and observers are always welcome at no charge. Some events may require that participants be members.
More information and/or Event Forms are available by clicking on the Event and viewing or printing in either MS Word or Acrobat Reader
"Tentative" means the event form has not yet been submitted by the organizer or approved by the board.
Nov 22-23, 2014 SE Region Midway Pleasure Driving and Three-Phase Event, St. Lucie Fairgrounds, Fort Pierce, FL Pan Stephenson 772-465-8399
2014-2015 CALENDAR
Moon Fritschle
Moon Fritschle 2011
Friesian 2011

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